Framework and Training

Situation:  A Waukesha-based manufacturer had previously distributed Human Resources duties to the CFO and Marketing departments.  As the company experienced revenue and employee growth over the past five years, the HR demands expanded.  Not only did the company need someone to take care of its basic HR needs, the CEO wanted a strong, business focused professional to help him grow his employees’ capabilities.  

Response:  JaZ Humanagement provides senior HR leadership on a part-time basis.  The role includes a well-defined list of projects and services to be provided during a specified period.  The HR leader is on-site once a week and on-call to company leadership and managers at any time at a cost less than a full time clerical HR person typically used by this size company.  

Result:  Within the first few weeks of the engagement, several lingering personnel issues were resolved.  Shortly after, key roles were filled in half the normal time; the company launched mentorship and wellness programs and had a strategic plan with an aggressive human capital component.  The CEO calls the addition of the HR leader “transformational” for his company and says he will likely continue the relationship until his company grows to a size that requires permanent, full-time HR help.   

Situation: A Milwaukee manufacturer had tried several approaches to Human Resources:  a full time person from a local management firm (too expensive), a part-time HR professional at the end of her career (bad culture fit) and finally an intern approaching graduation with an HR degree.  The management team had great confidence in the intern’s work ethic and commitment, but could she put the right systems and policies in place? 

Response:  JaZ Humanagement developed and executed an extensive training process for the new grad including working with her to audit current practices and policies and conducting a compliance audit.  We partnered with her to develop a performance process and merit pay review and addressed deficiencies in its performance improvement process. JaZ Humanagement continues to provide guidance and strategy when necessary.

Result: The new grad is well on her way to becoming an HR leader.  All she needed was a little help.  Who doesn’t?

Human Resources Leadership